Stainless steels are used in motor vehicle applications because they are resistant to corrosion and high temperature oxidation, offer energy absorption properties and maintain their mechanical properties over a wide temperature range. According ISSF (International Stainless Steel Forum), the use of stainless steel is key structural components in automotive construction. The visual appeal of polished stainless steel is regularly used to good effect in enhancing the outward appearance of modern road vehicles of all types. The important functional role that stainless steel has to play in automotive construction which, in volume terms, greatly outstrips the market for decorative trim.

Today, there are many grades and finishes of stainless steels to meet the demands of modern automotive manufacturing. As one of Taiwan stainless steel manufacturers, Stanch has cooperated with many famous automobile brand s for many years to provide high quality stainless steel products, such as 304 ss plates, austenitic and ferritic stainless steels.