Product Name : BA
Product Introduction

Stanch provides bright annealed stainless steel sheets for customers to use in different applications.

BA (bright annealed) is the abbreviation of Bright Annealed, which is produced by heat-treating in a controlled atmosphere furnace. It's a smooth, bright reflective finish, has a mirror-like appearance but may have some cloudiness and other imperfections. BA can be buffed to attain Super Mirror (No.8) which is much brighter than BA. It's often specified for the applications that need highly reflective finish like architectural components, food processing equipment, and other general applications.

We have the capability to offer high-quality bright annealed stainless steel sheets according to the demands of customers. If you are interested in our bright annealed finish products, just feel free to contact us!


304/304L COIL/SHEET 0.3~2.0      
316L COIL/SHEET 0.5~2.0        
430 COIL/SHEET 0.3~2.0      
  • Regular coils are typically supplied with an inner diameter of 508 / 610mm
  • Special dimensions was accepted on request
  • Customized specific strip are acceptable
  • Customized specific cut-to-length are acceptable
  • PE/Laser PE/Optic Fiber Laser PE are available on request