Product Name : Scotch Brite
Product Description
Product Introduction

Scotch Brite is a semi-dull grinding finish with uniform grain, which is obtained using finer abrasives than No.4/No.5/No.6. It has smooth, soft and exquisite grains with a low level reflectivity and unidirectional texture. It's suitable for internal architectural, elevator panels, and kitchen applications.


304/304L COIL/SHEET 0.4~3.0
316L COIL/SHEET 0.5~3.0
430 COIL/SHEET 0.4~3.0
441 COIL/SHEET 0.4~3.0
  • Regular coils are typically supplied with an inner diameter of 508 / 610mm
  • Special dimensions was accepted on request
  • Customized specific strip are acceptable
  • Customized specific cut-to-length are acceptable
  • PE/Laser PE/Optic Fiber Laser PE are available on request