Product Name : Etched Finish
Product Introduction

Etched patterns are created by selectively applying a protective acid resistant film to appointed areas and acid etching the unprotected areas. The etching removes a thin layer of stainless steel, changes the color to a dull silver gray, and roughens the surface, which can be contrasted with grinding, super mirror or other finishes to create thousands of variations. Etched finish also can be colored before or after etching. It was widely used for decoration applications, such as elevator doors, wall panels, coping and trim.


304/304L SHEET 0.3~3.0    
316L SHEET 0.3~3.0    
430 SHEET 0.3~3.0    
  • Special dimensions was accepted on request
  • Customized specific cut-to-length are acceptable
  • PE/Laser PE/Optic Fiber Laser PE are available on request
Stanch is one of leading cold rolled stainless steel companies based in Taiwan. We can offer kinds of surface finishes. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact our service team with your specific request.