Product Name : Grinding Finish (No.3/No.4/No.5/No.6)
Product Introduction

Grinding finish is an unidirectional finish obtained with 150/180/240/320 grit abrasive, higher grit numbers gave finer grinding lines. It can be grinded by wet or dry grinding, also called brushed, directional or satin finish. It was characterized by short, parallel grinding lines that are uniform and direction in appearance, which extend uniformly along the length of the coil or sheet.

It's widely used for architectural decoration, kitchen equipment, storefronts, food processing, elevator panels, and dairy equipment and also in automotive sector.


304/304L COIL/SHEET 0.4~6.0
316L COIL/SHEET 0.5~3.0
430 COIL/SHEET 0.4~3.0
441 COIL/SHEET 0.4~3.0
  • Regular coils are typically supplied with an inner diameter of 508 / 610mm
  • Special dimensions was accepted on request
  • Customized specific strip are acceptable
  • Customized specific cut-to-length are acceptable
  • PE/Laser PE/Optic Fiber Laser PE are available on request