Stanch has dedicated to develop various finishes treatment techniques for many decades, provides the most diversified stainless steel finishes in coils and sheets products.

    35,000 SQARE

    We develop one-step and versatile automation production line, provide slitting, grinding, cut to length and various finish treatment service to meet the demand of customization.

    10,000 MT/MONTH

    Stanch is one of the biggest stainless steel service center in Taiwan, the production capacity reached over 10,000mt/month, We insists to only offer the highest quality products to customers based on the most flexible management and professional service.

    10,000 MT STOCK

    We actively cooperate with world wide mills to provide various options of materials, and keep regular stock to meet any demand.


    Stanch possesses the outstanding team with extensive experience. Nowadays, our products have been marketed to more than 110 countries in the world successfully and are widely used in various aspects.



    Stanch Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. was established with capital NT$ 1,000,000 in Taichung


    Installed Oil Abrasive Polishing Machine with the capacity of 1,500 MT/month and introduced HL technology

    Installed 4' Shearing Machine with the capacity of 1,000 MT/month


    Introduced Japanese Super Mirror Polishing Machines with the capacity of 100 MT/month


    Applied Corporate Identity System (CIS)


    Certified ISO 9002 by Germany TÜV


    Installed Vertical PVD Titanium Coating Machine with the capacity of 20 MT/month


    Awarded "The 4th Rising Star Award" from Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C.


    Installed Japanese High Speed Leveling and Fly Shearing Machine, the capacity reached to 3,000 MT/month


    Moved to Taichung Chung-Kang Export Processing Zone

    Installed 800mm and 5' High Speed Fly Shearing Machine, the capacity reached to 5,000 MT/month

    Installed 630mm and 1600mm Slitting Machine with the capacity of 8,000 MT/month

    Installed over 10 mirror polishing lines. The capacity reached to 1,000 MT/month


    Introduced TPM & TQM system


    Awarded “The Award for International Trade” and got fourth place in the exports growth rate in Taiwan

    Installed 1600mm Both Sides Polishing Machine. The capacity reached to 5,000 MT/mont


    Maximized the production capacity to 7,500 MT/month by introducing TPM system


    Awarded “Golden Merchants Award” by Taiwan President

    Certified ISO 9001:2008 by Germany TÜV

    Installed 1600mm Slitting and Fly Shearing Machine. The capacity reached to 7,000 MT/month


    Certified ISO 14064:2006 (Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement) by SGS


    Installed 1600mm Plate Polishing Machine, the production capacity reached to 5,500 MT/month

    Installed Horizontal PVD Titanium Coating Machine, the capacity reached to 60 MT/month


    Installed one more PVD Titanium Coating Machine, the capacity reached to 100 MT/month


    Awarded “DNB TOP 1000 Award” by D-U-N-S

    Installed 1600mm High Precision Slitting and Fly Shearing Machine. The capacity reached to 8,000 MT/month

    Installed Embossing Machine with the capacity of 500 MT/month


    Installed new mirror polishing line, the capacity reached to 1,800 MT/month


    Installed Anti-Fingerprint Coating Machine

    Installed Vertical Profiled Material PVD Titanium Coating Machine


    Upgraded Bead Blasting Machine

    Upgraded Oil Abrasive Polishing Machine


    Competitive Advantages

    • Offer various raw materials from world-wide and able to provide the most suitable materials to our customers.
    • Keep improving manufacturing process managements and actively increase the yield rate of production lines and enhance the complete competitive ability.
    • Best quality and short lead-time support us to be the long-term cooperated supplier of our customers.
    • Inspecting every step of production from raw materials to finished products.
    • Diversified equipment to customize products and increase the competitive ability in the global market.
    • Any potential accidents during shipping process can be avoided by our perfect package experience and professional stuffing method.
    • Building full aspect products and service to provide greater value and business opportunity to customers.
    • We supply quick quote and the best after sales service to provide the total solution and technique exchange to our customers.